How do I archive my days and start a new year?

In TrackingDays and TrackingStates you do not archive tracked time, your tracked days will always be available for you to look back on, should you need to.

Instead you can set the dates that you wish to display in all screens of your App, by using the date pickers located at the top of the History page.

Example: to view only the current Calendar Year:
- At the top of your History page you will see a grey banner, with ‘FROM’ and ‘TO’ options.
- Set the ‘FROM’ date to 1/1/24 (for 2024)
- Set the ‘TO’ date to ‘Today’, this will allow your Dates Displayed to roll forwards each day.
- That’s it.

If you wish to look back at the last calendar year, or any two dates, you would set the date pickers according. 

NOTE: If you are using TrackingDays, double check that you do not have either the Rolling 180 or Rolling 365 shortcuts toggled on, as these shortcuts will override the date pickers.
These Rolling shortcuts, are for specific situations and countries where a rolling day or night count is required, for example for New Zealand residency or for the EU Schengen zone 90 day rule.


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