What are the Rolling 365 and Rolling 180 shortcuts for?

The Rolling 365 and Rolling 180 buttons can be found at the top fo the History screen.


The Rolling 180 button is built for counting days for the 90 day rule, in the EU Schengen zone.  If you toggle this button, all pages of your device will switch to a Rolling 180 day count, then simply navigate to the Schengen page to check your Schengen days.
Toggle Rolling 180 off to return to normal day counting between the dates set in at the top of your History Page.

The Rolling 365 button is for countries that use a rolling 12 month method as part of their assessment of tax residency.  An example of this is New Zealand which uses a 183-day rule within any rolling 12-month period to determine tax residency. If you’re present in New Zealand for more than 183 days in any 12-month period, you’re considered a tax resident.

NOTE: Toggling either of these buttons to on with override your set dates, at the top of the History Page, please remover to Toggle off if you no longer wish to see a Rolling day count.


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