Our apologies, our Android App is not currently available (for a limited time).

Dear valued Android customers, we would like to apologise and advise that our the Android app is currently not available in the Google play store.

We have had to temporarily remove it due to an issue with Google, whereby Google is not accepting payments from our company as it is based in Jersey. Oddly they seem to have no issue accepting payments from companies in neighbouring Guernsey? Apple also does not have any issue with companies based in Jersey.

Google’s suggestion to us at this time, is to move our App to a subsidiary company in another country. We think this misses the point that most App developers are small companies, start-ups and often individuals, who are risking their own funds to bring new ideas and products to the App Store, the vast majority of who fail to make a profit, they certainly do not have access to subsidiaries as a multinational would. Creating barriers like this is unhelpful.

We hope Google’s position is an anomaly that has just been over looked and we are working to find a solution and to return the App to the Play Store in the near future.

If you wish to contact Google about this, to help us to reinstate the App, please feel free to do so.


Note: This issue does not affect our existing Android customers, however, we have made the App free to our existing customers at the point of subscription renewal.  Please enjoy some FOC TrackingDays for a limited time.

The App is of course still available in the Apple App Store if you have access to an iPhone.


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