Why should I add an email address in the Settings page?

We urge all users to please enter an email address in the settings menu.  

We fully respect your privacy so we have made this optional.  But, in doing so you will create a identifiable link to your days and nights.

So if you lose your phone or change your phone, we can recover your tracked days and nights.  If you don't enter an email address, your data ail be lost.

At this time, Trac-King is not a Cloud based App, so you can't yet transfer your data between devices.  But this is something we are working very hard to deliver and intend to make available to our users via a free update in the very near future.  

At this time, backed up data is available in the form of a pdf.  We are sorry but we cannot provide back up data to users who have not upgraded to the full version of the App.  

You can upgrade at any time with a one off In-App Purchase, initiated from the Settings screen.

Any stored data is held on secure servers in Switzerland and only headline country data is collected.  




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