How does Trac-King position me without pre-installed maps or data?

This is the real magic behind the Trac-King App!

Until now, positioning applications have relied on traditional mapping software to confirm mobile user positions.  These maps would need to be 'pre-installed' or require 'data' to download them locally and establish a position.  This is fine while users are in their home country and have an inclusive data contact, but what happens when they travel abroad?  

Expats and global travellers do not have access to inclusive cellular-data when they are abroad and downloads are costly.  

We wanted Trac-King to position users, anywhere in the world without incurring expensive data roaming charges.

So we developed a new and 'Patent Pending' positioning technique that is also very 'light', taking only a very small amount of storage space on your phone.  By comparison traditional pre-installed maps would take many Gigabytes (GB) of space to cover the entire world, we estimate over 10 GB!



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