Day Counting now essential for Canadian Snowbirds

Our recent tweet @trackingdays read:

#daycounting now essential for #snowbirds, read by Rudy Mezzetta.

"The Canadian and US governments will soon be sharing information regarding the number of days their respective citizens are spending in each others country.  That may have serious and other implications for Canadian snowbirds who visit the US for long periods." Says Ms. Mezzetta.

The article continues,

"If you're not keeping track, or your fudging the number of days," "you're compromising all the good things you want to go down there for."

Of course we have the solution, keep an effortless track of your USA days on an ongoing basis with TracKingDays and easily review and export your US days directly from the App, to send to your accountant or lawyer.

Read the full article here, our thanks to Rudy Mezzetta.

The TracKingDays team.






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