TracKingDays launches the first Day Counting App

iPhone App for expats and frequent travellers counts days for tax and residency purposes

Switzerland--May 26, 2014—TracKingDays has launched the first effortless Day Counting App for expats and frequent travellers.  It keeps a track of days and nights wherever you are in the world, simplifying expat residency and tax concerns.  Featuring continuous tracking, TracKingDays count days and nights for the UK’s Statutory Residence Test (SRT), the USA’s Physical Presence Test and the USA’s Substantial Presence Test, as well as for any country residence situation where day counting is a requirement, for example, China, India and South Africa.

“We wanted to simplify day counting for our fellow Expats, allowing people to count their days effortlessly on their phone”, said Martin Laurence, Expat and Founder. “So we built TracKingDays to geo-position worldwide continuously, without roaming charges or the type of battery loss that‘s associated with GPS based Apps.”

‘No data roaming charges’ was firmly at the top of Laurence’s to-do list.  “Typically mapping and geo-location apps require either pre-installed maps, which are huge files and take up valuable storage space, or they need a costly data roaming connection to download local maps as you travel.  Uniquely TracKingDays doesn’t require either.  ” Instead TracKingDays utilizes data from the iPhone’s normal activity as you move around and it combines this with a newly developed geolocation technique (which is patent pending), to confirm users locations anywhere in the world at no on going cost.

Simplifying Expat residency and tax concerns TracKingDays is the perfect tool for individuals who must count days or nights in order to confirm their country of residence status: UK Non-Residents will find it extremely useful for tracking their UK nights, in-line with the Statutory Residents Test (SRT). USA Expatriates can use the “Non USA Days” feature to assist with their day tracking for the “Physical Presence Test” and ‘Canadian Snowbirds’ and Non-US Citizens can count days spent in the USA, for the Substantial Presence Test, to check that they do not unwillingly become a U.S. resident for tax purposes. Other countries for example China, India, Hong Kong, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and more, all use ‘day counting’ as a key component in establishing residency for Taxation purposes.

App Features

Continuous day counting, adjust date ranges to recall country location on any given day, week, month, year or for multiple years.  Non USA Days, for US Expats, counts 24-hour days spent outside of US Territories.  Trip Summaries, separate trips are conveniently split for review.  Data back up, by entering an email address counted days are backed up securely on Swiss servers.  Privacy settings, can be set to collect only headline country location.  Maps, tracked location points are stored and pinned, to be viewed later when a data or WIFI connection is conveniently available. Send data, a summary of counted country days can be sent to your accountant or any email address directly from the App. Edit days, delete or edit existing entries for full flexibility.


TracKingDays is available now, worldwide.  Download it on the iPhone from the App Store, or on your desktop via the iTunes App Store. 

Download the App here:


Free to US$4.99, the App is free to download and will track for 30 days.  Users can then upgrade at any time with a one off In-App Purchase priced at US$4.99 (or local currency equivalent).  The App is free for a limited launch period.

TracKingDays - Day Counting for Global Expats and Frequent Travellers

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