June 30th mean new border rules for Canadian Snowbirds

June 17, 2014—As of June 30th, tighter border controls will be in place between Canada and the USA and travellers will be required to swipe their passports when both entering and leaving the U.S.  Previously such checks were only in place when entering but not when leaving either country, so no definitive record was kept on how long Canadians spent in the U.S. Until now, Canadians were required to self-report for residency purposes, but from June 30th both countries will be keeping track of your movements!

Tax experts have warned that there is now a very real risk for some Canadians, particularly Snowbirds and those who frequently cross the border with the U.S., of falling into a tax trap and unknowingly becoming a U.S. tax resident.

Download the full release below to understand how TracKingDays can help make life more simple for Canadian Snowbirds and for regular visitors to the USA from all countries.


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