TracKingDays for Expats arrivers to the UK

London—June 25, 2014 — Many expats have been there, whether arriving in a new country or leaving your home country, expats and management professionals alike have experienced the frustration that is day counting. Spread sheets, diary entries, flights and travel, it’s easy to lose track or simply forget.

Fortunately one expat has decided to do something about it, in the form of the handy new iPhone App ‘TracKingDays’ (

The App effortlessly tracks days and nights anywhere in the world. It also pinpoints your movements as you go about your day; making it a great way to keep a life long record of your all your world travels. You can use it to look back and see exactly where you were on any given day, week month or year.

Day counting is particularly relevant to South African Expats arriving in the UK, with 90 days allowed at home and very precise rules now in place for UK ‘Arrivers’, in the form of the UK’s Statutory Residence Test which determines an individuals residency status for UK tax purposes. TracKingDays helps those keeping a close track on their days do so with the minimum of hassle.

“We wanted to simplify the hassle of day counting for our fellow expats, allowing people to track their days effortlessly on their phone”, said Martin Laurence, a UK expat and founder. “So we focused on building TracKingDays to position worldwide, continuously and without data roaming charges or the type of battery loss that you get with GPS2 based Apps. This proved to be quite a challenge, but we’re very happy with the result.”

Laurence was insistent on not affecting battery life, but also on zero ongoing data costs for his App users. “I really don’t like roaming charges! And I think many frequent travellers feel the same way; when I started to develop the App, there was no easy ‘cost free’ way to position your location on your iPhone when travelling abroad, the only option was to use huge mapping files which take up too much space.” He continued, “Other than Sat Nav Apps, I was surprised that no one had really thought about positioning when you travel. So we built an entirely new positioning technique from the ground up to solve the problem. I think there’s scope for future development in this area for us, but for now we hope it makes life a little easier for expats.” Their positioning technique utilizes data already generated by your iPhone as you move around and can confirm your country location anywhere in the world without traditional maps and at no ongoing data cost to you.

Many countries use day counting as their basis for residency and TracKingDays has been very well received by expats all over the world, in it’s first week downloads came from far and wide, including the USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, China, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, France, Switzerland, Brunei, India & Pakistan.

So, whether you’re arriving or leaving, could this mean an end to day counting hassle and paper work? It’s certainly worth giving it a try. The App is free to download from the Apple App store and the In-App Purchase upgrade is also free for a limited launch period. It’s a great way to keep track of your travels.

App Features: Continuous day counting, adjust date ranges to recall your country location on any given day, week, month, year or for multiple years. Non USA Days, for US Expats, counts 24-hour days spent outside of US Territories. Trip Summaries, separate trips are conveniently split for review. Data back up, data is backed up securely on Swiss servers. Maps, tracked locations are pinned, to be viewed when a data or WIFI connection is available. Privacy settings, collect only headline country location, no local movements are tracked. Send data, a summary can be sent to your accountant or any email address directly from the App. Edit days, delete or edit existing entries for full flexibility.

Availability: TracKingDays is available now, worldwide on the iPhone. Download it from the App Store, or to your desktop via the iTunes App Store. Download link:

Price: Free to download then US$4.99, the App is free to download, with limited functionality for 30 days.You can upgrade at any time with a one off In-App Purchase priced at US$4.99 (or local currency equivalent). The In-App Purchase is free for a limited launch period.

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