TracKingDays perfect for the Statutory Residence Test (SRT)

Expat Finances – Confirming your tax position.

A new travel App for expats & frequent travellers that count days for Tax & Residency purposes.

Switzerland-July 9, 2014- Getting to grips with your expat tax position is probably the most time consuming part of managing your expat finances. Whether you are ‘leaving’ your home country, or ‘arriving’ in your destination country, expat taxation sits hand in hand with residency status.

For UK Expats this of course now means ‘day counting’ for the Statutory Residence Test (SRT), that is, keeping a track of how long you spend in the UK and, in other countries, because you must not spend more time in the UK than any other country.

Day counting is an annoyance for expats many of whom travel a great deal, and it’s very easy to lose track, or simply forget. But fortunately one expat and frequent traveller has made life just that little bit more simple, in the form of the handy new iPhone App ‘TracKingDays’ (

The App tracks days and nights anywhere in the world and if flexible to track days for any day counting situation. It also pinpoints your movements as you go about your day; making it a great way to keep a life long record of your all your travel. You can look back and see exactly where you were on any given day, week, month or even multiple years.

“What's unique about TracKingDays is that it uses a totally new mobile positioning technique that we built from scratch. It can locate your position worldwide effortlessly, without requiring traditional maps or data. So wherever you travel to, it automatically knows what country you’re in and logs your position at no additional cost to the user.” Says Martin Laurence, the new start up’s Founder.

Download the full release below and contact us via this help centre for more information.



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