How do I Add Previous Days?

Add Previous Days is a feature in both TrackingDays and TrackingStates.

It allows you to add back travel time from before the date you downloaded the App and started.  
Eg. Maybe you’re TrackingDays for a tax year and you download the App part way through the year.

The instructions below will guide you thought the process.

However, before you start, please imagine the App as a constant Timeline without gaps, all time must be allocated.  TrackingDays doesn’t like time gaps, this is how it knows if you’ve missed something.

For example, if your phone was switched off for a period of time, the App will not have tracked your location, but it will know because of the time gap - we call these time gaps Unverified time.

By adding previous days, you’ll add time before your current start date, you’ll create new Unverified time which you’ll now need to allocate.


> Tap [App Settings], (white ‘cog’ in the top right hand corner).
> Tap [Add Previous Days].
> Select a date in the past as your new start date
> Tap [Generate Previous Days]
This will generate some new Unverified days and the App will return you to the History screen.


> Tap [Verify Location]
> Tap the newly added Unverified time to Edit.


You are now given a list of coutries to select from.
> Select every country that you need to add, this can be as many as you need or it can be a single country.
If you wish to add Transit time, you can select “Transit” from the countries list.
If you do not wish to allocate time to a specific country, you can select “Deleted” from the list and allocate untracked time to ‘Deleted’.
> Tap [Done]

You must work forwards from your earliest trip in chronological order. Adding your entry and exit dates and times, for each trip.
> In [Country], select your Trip country
> In [Date Range] Tap [To].  Add the date and time that you departed this country.
> Tap [Add Next]
Repeat the process adding each Trip in chronological order.
If you leave a time gap at the end of the Edit process, this time will remain unedited.  So please remember to allocate all of the Trip time if this is what you need to do.


Tip 1: iPhone: When adding your final Trip, flick the ‘Time’ scroller upwards and let it automatically fall back to the end of the added time, this will help avoid leaving a time gap.
Android: Simply navigate to the end of the time added.

> Tap [Summary] and check your dates added
> Tap [Verify]
This is the end of the process.

If you made an error, you can always edit individual trips later, all travel in Trackingdays can be editied, (except the current trip, which can be edited later when you move country).


TIP 2: SPECIFIC TRIPS - If you only wish to add specific Trips, not all time, the interim time still needs to be allocated somewhere.  In this situation we would recommend allocating time to ‘Deleted’.

ex. I am only interested in tracking my time spent in the UK and I have some specific Trips I would like to add.

In this situation, when you are asked to select your countries from the list, select your target Country (ex. UK) and also select ‘Deleted’.  
Next, allocate any interim time to ‘Deleted’ and and allocate your target dates to your target Country.



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