I’ve changed my iPhone and my subscription is not working?

STOP! DO NOT DELETE YOUR OLD PHONE until you have successfully backed it up to iCloud.

TrackingDays and TrackingStates back-up all of your travel data to your personal iCloud, this is to respect your Privacy, we do not hold any of your tracked travel data, zero, nada.  You control your data.

To transferTrackingDays or TrackingStates data from an old to a new iPhone, you will need to:
1. Back up your old phone to iCloud
2. Set up your new iPhone from the recent iCloud back up.

Instructions on how to back up your iPhone can be found here:
3. RESTART TRACKING: Once your new phone is set up, please open TrackingDays or TrackingStates right away, to recommence tracking.  The App will not begin tracking again until it has been opened.  As always please leave the App running in the background at all times.

4. RECONNECT YOUR SUBSCRIPTION: Assuming you have a current valid subscription, when you first open TrackingDays or TrackingStates on your new device, please navigate to: App Settings / Subscribe. At the bottom of the page will see the ‘Restore Purchases’ option, please ONLY SELECT this option, if you have a valid subscription.  This will reconnect your subscription to your new device.  

If you have a valid subscription and you try to purchase a new subscription, this can conflict with your existing valid subscription.   However, if you have already tried to purchase a new subscription in error, simply close the App and restart it, then navigate to Subscribe once more and select ‘Restore Purchases’.  More detailed instructions on this are below.



If you have a current subscription but the App is not showing your subscription as active: 

/ Please close and restart the App.  

/ On your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen.  Locate the App, swipe it upwards to close it.
/ Reopen the App 
/ Navigate to / Settings (small cog in top right corner) / tap Subscribe
/ Tap 'Restore Purchases' at the bottom of the screen.  Please only tap ‘Restore Purchases’ do not try to resubscribe as this will conflict with your existing valid subscription.

Please ensure that you have a good wifi connection before trying to resubscribe.

Please also check that you are running the latest version of Apple’s iOS and that you are running the latest version of TrackingDays from the App Store.


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