How do I Edit a Trip?

You can edit any Trip in the App, with the exception of the current Trip which needs to be completed, (you nee to change country), before it can be edited.



> Tap Timeline, (Timeline is located at the top of the History page, above your list of countries).
> Tap ‘Edit’ (top right corner). All Trips that you are able to edit will be highlighted in pink.
> Tap the Trip or Unverified time that you wish to edit.

You are now given a list of coutries to select from.
> Select every country that you need to add to Edit the Trip, this can be as many as you need or it can be a single country.
If you wish to add Transit time, you can select “Transit” from the countries list.
If you do not wish to allocate time to a specific country, you can select “Deleted” from the list.
> Tap [Done]

You must work forwards from your earliest trip in chronological order. Adding your entry and exit dates and times, for each trip.
> In [Country], select your Trip country
> In [Date Range] Tap [To].  Add the date and time that you departed this country.
> Tap [Add Next]
Repeat the process adding each Trip in chronological order.
If you leave a time gap at the end of the Edit process, this time will remain unedited.  So please remember to allocate all of the Trip time if this is what you need to do.


Tip: iPhone: When adding you final Trip to the Edit, flick the ‘Time’ scroller upwards, to let it automatically fall back at the end of the added time, this will help avoid leaving a time gap.
Android: Simply navigate to the end of the time added.

> Tap [Summary] and check your dates added
> Tap [Verify]
This is the end of the process.


General note, please ensure that:
1. You leave the App running and open at all times (it’s battery use is minimal)
2. Your location settings for the App are set to ‘Always’
3. Your iCloud back up is turned on, your data will back up to your personal iCloud, we do not track any user data.


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