How does Schengen tracking work?

TrackingDays now includes an automatic Day count for the border free EU Schengen Area.  Most non-EU citizens, including UK citizens post-Brexit, are limited in the time they can spend in the EU Schengen area.  The time allowed is 90 days out of a rolling 180 day period.  

The TrackingDays Schengen day count treats Schengen countries as a single area and will count ‘Days’ (visits) to Schengen in a 24 hr time period. A Schengen day is any visit to the Schengen Area, no matter how short, within a 24 hour time period.  TrackingDays will not double count Schengen Days, it will only 1 ‘Day’ per 24 hours in your ‘Official Count’ and as shown in your History page summary.
Separately TrackingDays will also count individual country visits within Schengen. 

The ‘Last 180’ button: Once you have been tracking for greater than 180 days a new button will appear in the top left corner of your History page labelled ‘Last 180’.  If you tap this button the App will display your tracked days and night for the past 180 days (including today, so 179 days + today), so you can check your current Schengen positon in a matter of seconds, simply open TrackingDays and tap the ‘Last 180’ button.


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