What is a TrackingDays Day or Night?

A TrackingDays Day is any visit to a country or jurisdiction within a 24 hour time period no matter how short that visit is.  For example, if you visit for 1 minute, 30 minutes or 23 hours the App will register your visit as 1 Day.  The App will only count 1 Day per country in a 24 hour time period, this is displayed in the ‘Official Count’ total, located at the top of your Timeline and country pages, as well as in your summary totals on your History page.

The App will not double count Days in a 24 hour time period.  For example, if you cross a border multiple times in 24 hours, the Official Count will only log 1 Day, for each country you have visited.

Your physical movements are also displayed, in your Timeline, in your individual country pages and on your maps.  These pages will show all of your country to country movements, so multiple days are displayed, but your key ‘Official Count’ figure at the top of the page and your summary totals on the History page, will only ever count 1 Day per country per 24 hrs.

A TrackingDays Night is your country location at midnight 00:00.


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