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    Hey, I like the app generally. The one thing I would like to see is the option to change “outside USA” to display the underlying countries if desired. That would be helpful (I know this app is for US residency rules but I would appreciate this feature)

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    Martin Laurence

    Hi Josh,

    Many thanks for your feedback, right now TrackingStates is only for tracking time spent in US States. To track time and count days spent in countries around the world, please try our sister App TrackingDays. Currently as the two apps are built, I’m afraid it’s not possible for us to merge the two into one, but we’ll certainly take your comments on board for the future.

    We appreciate you taking the time to contact us and please do let us have any more feedback you may have. We will have improvements and upgrades coming out for both Apps later in the year and we’re always happy to take on board new ideas.

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