Dates Displayed - How to view tracked Days and Nights between two dates.

You can set the App to display your days between and two dates, within your tracked date range.

eg. A calendar year or a Tax year. 


You can set your Dates Displayed parameters on the History page.  

At the top of the History page you will see a grey shaded area with FROM and TO options.

Set FROM and TO to the dates you need.  

The rest of the App will then populate between these two dates, including your individual Country pages & Schengen time.

If you set TO as TODAY, this will roll forwards with each passing day.


ex.1. You wish to set your Dates Displayed for a calendar year.

On the HISTORY page:

- set FROM as 1st January 20XX

- set TO as 31 December 20XX


ex.2. You wish to set your Dates Displayed for the last UK Tax Year eg. 2021 - 2022 at the time of writing.

On the HISTORY page:

- set FROM as 6th April 2021

- set TO as 5th April 2022


ex.3. You wish to see how many days you have spent in a country this year and on a rolling basis.

On the HISTORY page:

- set FROM to 1st January 2022

- set TO to TODAY


PLEASE NOTE: The (Rolling 180) and (Rolling 365) buttons, will over ride the TO and FROM settings.  These buttons are located at the top of the HISTORY page.

The (Rolling 180) button was created for Schengen day counting.  

The (Rolling 365) button was created for situations where you need to keep track of time in a country over a rolling year, eg. New Zealand and Indonesia.  






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