How do I cancel my subscription?

This isn’t really a frequently asked question, but we’ve put it here for you in case you wish to cancel your subscription.

Thank you for trialing TrackingDays or TrackingStates we do appreciate you taking the time to trial the App.  Before you go if you have feedback on how we could improve our Apps for your needs, please let us know, all feed back is very welcome and we are continually looking to improve.

To give us your feedback, please follow the link below and submit a request in the top right hand corner of the page, please indicate if you are using TrackingDays or TrackingStates and if you are using an iPhone or Android device:


iPhone: We use Apple subscriptions so you have complete privacy and complete control over your subscription.

You can cancel your subscription at any time via ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.

We are not able to cancel the subscription directly.

To cancel your subscription please go to:
- iPhone Settings
- Tap “Your Name” (Apple ID)
- Subscriptions
- TrackingDays or TrackingStates
- Cancel your subscription.

If you are within the 29 day trial period (before day 30), you will not have been charged anything.

Thank you from the TrackingDays and TrackingStates team.


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