iOS: Changing regions with my Apple ID

TrackingDays and TrackingStates use Apple Subscriptions for iPhone.  

When you change region, Apple does not allow you to take your subscriptions with you. Therefore to continue with TrackingDays you will unfortunately need to cancel your current subscription, change your Apple ID and then start a new subscription under the new Apple ID.

Because we use Apple Subscriptions, Apple also controls our refund process.  In our experience, Apple is very helpful with refunds and we would suggest that you contact Apple directly to request a refund for your remaining subscription, explaining your situation and that you will need to restart a new subscription in the new region. You can contact Apple directly here:

Before you change Apple ID please follow the instructions below for good practice and as a back up precaution.

1. Back-up
- Do not delete TrackingDays, this deletes all tracked data.
- Please ensure that your iPhone is backing up to iCloud automatically. Please run an iCloud back up.
- ‘Export Data’ please go to:
/ App settings (cog in top right corner of History page).
/ Tap ‘Export Data’.
/ Leave ‘Select a country’ blank, this will make the App export all data.
/ Tap ‘Export’ and export via your chosen method.

If you wish you can also take screenshots of your History page and your Timeline page.

(Side note: We will be adding a pdf version to ‘Export Data’ in the future.)

3. Process
/ Close TrackingDays (swipe up from the bottom of your screen, locate TrackingDays and swipe up again to close the App).
/ After ensuring you have made all back ups above, please undertake all necessary admin as required by Apple, to change your region and Apple ID.
/ Open TrackingDays.
/ Navigate to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Subscribe’.
/ Subscribe to TrackingDays with a new subscription under your new Apple ID.
Your existing tracked days should now be visible as these are stored locally on your phone and backed up to your personal iCloud.



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