My App is not tracking?


TrackingDays and TrackingStates work with movement.  Your phone needs to move a ‘reasonable’ distance to register a location.  At this time Apple does not offer us the option of forcing a location on your phone, we assume this is correctly for privacy reasons.

Android is a little more flexible and with our Android App, we do request a location each day if none has already registered.


iPhone: In rare situations, for example if your phone has not moved for some time (days) the Apple iOS can independently decide to override background tracking as it reallocates memory elsewhere in the phone where it see priority.  In doing so it can disable tracking.

If you think this may have happened your our phone simple close the App and restart it, this will restart background tracking. 

On your iPhone,

/ Swipe up from the bottom of your screen.  Locate the App, swipe it upwards to close it.
/ Reopen the App 

This will restart your background tracking.


Some good practice is to:

/ Leave the App running in the background, battery usage is minimal.

/ Check into the App fairly regularly

/ Close and restart the App occasionally.

/ iPhone: Ensure your iCloud back up is switched on, this is how the App backs up it’s data to your personal iCloud.

/ Ensure your locations settings for the App are configured to Always.


If your App does not appear to be tracking, for example you may have resorted TrackingDays onto a new device, please check your location permissions settings as follows.

Go to:
/ Settings
/ Location
/ App permissions
/ TrackingDays

/ Select: i. Allow all the time ii. Use precise location iii. See all TrackingDays permissions - No permissions denied.
/ Then please close and restart the app.




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